North Shore Pet Store's Healthy Pet Food Guide

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Choosing the right kind of food for your pet is probably the most critical decision you’ll ever make when it comes to positively of negatively affecting the lifespan and overall well-being of your pet. Similar to our own nutrition,pet food nutrition impacts every facet of your pet's life. How your pet grows and develops, their behavior practices, physical appearance, and overall well-being are all tightly linked to the food and nutrition that their owner's provide them.

Needless to say, controlling your pet's nutrition is an enormous responsibility any loving owner. 

A nutritious well-balanced pet food diet plan encourages:

  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Stronger muscles and well developed bones, decreased risk of arthritis at old age 
  • Brighter, more clear eyes
  • More solid stool
  • Improved dental health
  • Less digestive upsets
  • More energy
  • Fewer behavior problems
  • Longer life

Considering the latest news concerning various pet food recalls and associated issues with commercial brands, the homemade pet food alternative has really gained steam over the past few months.

Planning and preparing your pet’s meals from scratch has numerous benefits, which includes the full control of every ingredient in all of your pet's meals. When you make these meals yourself, you know precisely what goes into every meal and where the produce and ingredients were sourced. 

Request your copy of our step-by-step pet food making guide and give your loved one the healthy diet that they deserve!


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